We Have Questions

Why do we ask so many questions when you come in to shop with us? Some customers look at us askance when we start asking questions. But wouldn't it be silly for us to sell you something that is really not appropriate?

We want to be able to ascertain, and for you to understand, WHAT the best product is for your needs, and WHY. With a few specific questions, we can usually narrow down what we are showing you. We usually get a puzzled look when we start asking about how many people in the house, pets, and how long you plan to live in the home, but these are all factors in getting the best product to meet your needs. Then we can move on to what you LIKE, your tastes and dislikes. 

When we ask about your budget, there are good reasons for that. Many people assume we ask so that we can wrangle every spendable bit of it, but this is not our goal. We need to work within your budget, or we have wasted your time. By asking your budget, we will accomplish two things. We will work to find the very best value for the amount you want to spend, and we also will not show you things that simply will not work within your budget. 

There are some things that probably have never occurred to you, that we must take into consideration, as your flooring project becomes more reality than theoretical.  Working with Enhance means we have asked it, planned for it, and will do what needs to be done to make your flooring plans successful. Where will the seams fall?  What is a pattern repeat, and how does it influence your square footage measurement? What will happen where one type of flooring meets another? Will doors need to be cut?  More questions that we know the answers to!

Occasionally we will arrive at an estimate appointment to find a teenager, relative, or housekeeper the only one home. We really prefer to have someone there who can answer-- you've got it-- Questions! Because we're going to ask more questions when we are there, seeing the job site.  Questions involving history, preferences, and reasons. So, please try to be present when you've made an estimate appointment with us.

Alternatively, there are some questions YOU should ask! First, read our reviews online. Most are stellar, but we aren't perfect. Bear in mind that most stores and installers will have one or two complaints.  That is normal, and it's not a reason to eliminate a contractor. (In fact, having one or two bad reviews shows that the collection of reviews is legitimate).  The key is to see how we responded and addressed the complaints. Were the complaints valid? Did we solve (or try to solve) the issue? Did we respond professionally?  Was a follow up posted?

We write contracts carefully - so customers know what's included, what isn't. But we also include that it does not include unforeseen issues in the subfloor. That's because we can't see what is underneath until we have removed your current flooring. Many times when we remove the existing floor we find the subfloor is damaged and needs to be replaced or needs to be leveled, or sometimes there's mold or a different floor under your floor........there's no way we could have known or predicted that. Also, recognize that is possible that the previous installer didn't always do things properly. We work primarily in older homes with imperfections.  We have almost certainly seen whatever the problem is in the past and know how to handle and correct it.

You should ask us about our availability to start, especially if you have a deadline or only a window of time in which we must do the work.  We try hard to make your timing work, but sometimes that is just not realistic.  Be sure to understand thelead times (e.g. for product to be ordered/manufactured/ delivered and sometimes acclimated).  Also make sure you understand how the project will progress - will the installers be there each day, or will there be a gap or two?  Some days may be needed for drying time.  Not only will this help you understand the downtime for your home, but it's likely to elicit some of those things that could happen as well as preparations you may need to make on your end.

At Enhance, we believe in having a healthy, open, and informed relationship with our customers. A large percentage of our business is repeat. We also do a lot of work for customers referred by other customers. We love having an ongoing relationship with customers! We get to know them, how our products are working for them, and follow up on maintenance or find out if a product is not meeting expectations. As a result, we are able to give feedback to our vendors as well.

Our goal from asking you all of these questions is to get to know you and your needs to enable us to offer you suggestions, ideas, and alternatives.  Our friendly, professional sales staff is thoroughly trained in all aspects of floor covering.  We want you to be our customer for life. You will find that we genuinely care about you and your home. We want you to select the right product, have a wonderful installation experience, and love your new floor.  And that's why we ask so many questions. 

On A Sad Note
Our incredible friend and coworker Wanda Hembree lost her long battle with breast cancer last week. Many of youwill remember her, she was an Enhance Floors Design Consultant for over ten years.  Wanda fought so very hard and was optimistic and positive until the end. Wanda has been a true inspiration to always believe in miracles; she was able to see her son married and happy and to spend a year with her grandchild. Our thoughts are with her family. We know they are heartbroken, but we also know she is making her presence known in heaven.  She will be greatly missed.

If You Are Worried
As a precautionary step, we are providing hand sanitizers in the store, and wiping down hard surfaces at the beginning and end of each day. Like all of you, we want to stay well, and be at work every single day without disruption. We hope you are all staying healthy and being careful. If you are out and about, though, come in to say hello, and give us an elbow bump!

Design Tip
Open floor plans are popular everywhere, in new homes and in remodels. No matter if you are using one flooring type throughout or multiple flooring types in your open floor plan, you should definitely consider using area rugs. Area rugs will break up the space a little bit and provide some eye-catching variety. They are also an excellent way to give each "room" its own personality, so to speak, and even its own color scheme. You can also use different thicknesses, sizes, and shapes of area rugs to give your open floor plan more diversity. Area rugs also serve a practical purpose if you are going with hard surface flooring in your open floor plan. Area rugs are perfect for adding softness and warmth.

I Was FLOORED By Enhance
Meg in Sandy Springs writes:"This is a great store with great people to help you. I bought an older home and I needed to update everything. I did not know where to start. I went to the store and got excellent help in picking out carpet, wood and tile for my house. I did the work in several stages, and the master decorating plan (colors, etc.) we came up with at the beginning turned out exactly like I dreamed it would. It looks awesome, like a brand new home! Don and the installers were wonderful. I am so glad I found Enhance and I would not go anywhere else for new floors!"

Thank you, Meg, for these kind words.  You were so much fun to work with. Enjoy your new floors and come see us with your little dog Alvie when you are in the area.