What Are The Popular Floors This Year?

Replacing flooring can be time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient. So it's important to select the flooring that suits your needs, but will also stand the test of time. Plus refreshing your flooring with quality options can add value to your property if you intend to sell it. Considering these flooring trends can help you make the best selection possible. 

Laminate floors are making a strong comeback in 2023. Laminates are cost-effective and practical. This option is immensely durable and can stand up to scratching, staining and fading. Laminate is a great option for just about any homeowner and they are particularly useful in homes with children and/or pets. Laminates offer the most realistic wood visuals of any faux wood floor on the market, so if you love the look in hardwood, you'll almost certainly be able to find it in a laminate style as well. And laminates are topically waterproof, just like LVP.

Vinyl flooring (LVP / LVT) is still the “go to” floor for many active families. What makes vinyl flooring a lasting trend is the technology that has gone into crafting and perfecting this type of flooring. Vinyl flooring can be crafted to look like marble, tile, or hardwood. LVP / LVT is also water resistant and the durability has made them a popular choice for many homeowners. Vinyl flooring is also easy to clean and simple to maintain. The hard surface can be swept or vacuumed with ease. Vinyl planks or tiles can also be mopped clean with a mild cleaner. They also don't require regular maintenance like resealing and waxing to enhance the finish. 

Gray floors have been very popular in LVP, but be aware that gray is going out of style in favor of warmer tones. Avoid gray colors if you don’t want your home to feel dated in a couple of years.

Carpet can make a stylish and modern statement. Low-pile options can help you retain a sleek look while still benefiting from the softness, insulating, and sound-dampening properties of carpet. Or look for carpet with a pattern or a synthetic bold animal print to truly transform a space. Choosing a design that has been woven with fibers of varying heights, sizes and thicknesses can establish a unique, three-dimensional effect that can feel even more tactile, plush and cozy. Stripes and linear patterns are still trending.  

Textured carpets come in a variety of weaves, some soft and plush, others more firm and tight.  All are popular choices.

And every color imaginable is available in carpet! Best-selling colors are greige, beiges, and earth tones. Bolder colors and patterns are being used quite often on staircases. This is a great place to make a design statement!

If you are considering using carpet in busier areas, such as on stairs or in a hallway, be sure to pick a durable material that can withstand high traffic, such as a tightly woven wool, Triexta, or nylon.

Hardwood floors will never go out of style. This timeless flooring material still maintains its place in the modern-day design world. It's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Wide planks in lighter colors are trending. But really, the only hardwood floor colors that aren’t in style are the yellow, orange, and red tones, as well as gray hardwood floors.

So how do you decide? Our advice is to go for simplicity. Simple, almost boring choices, like classic brown hard surface floors that aren’t too dark or too light and light beige-toned carpets are most likely to stand the test of time. Home decor trends have a shorter cycle than ever, and many fads go out of style five or so years after they come in.

If you don’t want boring, we recommend adding a statement rug. Not only will it ground the room but it can serve as the starting point from which to build the design scheme. It’s a worthwhile investment, and yes, you can layer a rug over wall-to-wall carpet.

Wonderful World of Window Treatments

A window treatment provides privacy, lets the sun in (or not) and helps to keep the cold weather out. And it does all of this while dressing up your windows and making your rooms look formal and elegant, modern or romantic – or while making a whimsical or bold design statement.

2023 is the year of practicality and we can see that in the popular curtain trends. Your window treatments should enhance the style of your decor and furnishings. 

According to Latestdecortrends.com, “Scandinavian, Roman, and Japanese style curtains are really trendsetting.”

They also recommend, “stylish curtains in beige, brown, purple, dark blue, milk, and chocolate tones. In order to add lightness to the interiors, use delicate lilac, peach, or blue.”

Whatever your style, we give you a look into the world of window treatments with definitions and examples to help you start your decorating journey:

1. Roller or Roman Shades

Clean and simple is one of the biggest trends in window treatments, like pairing treatments for coverage with simple side panels just to give that pop of color and texture to make a statement in the room.

2. Shutters and Blinds

Often confused with shades in terminology, blinds and shutters are slatted window coverings that you can open/close with a hand-operated mechanism or automated control. Shades are usually one piece of material that you can pull up and down to expose your window however you prefer.

Shutters can add character and elegance – and they’re super easy to operate. In addition to wood and faux wood shutters, you can choose moisture-resistant, light control, and even insulated options.

3. Curtains and drapes

These are window treatments usually picked to enhance your room’s decor. They can be made of heavy, light, and heat-blocking material or gauzy for-looks-only fabric.

PRO TIP: Curtains that are paired with blinds or shades will maximize your light and privacy control.

4. Technology

Imagine being able to open and close your smart blinds while you’re sitting on the sofa, in another room, or before you even enter the house. Technology is now something to consider with your window treatments. High-tech touches with home automation and motorization are on the rise because of their convenience and safety.

Choose window treatments that you love, instead of selecting something that is trending at the moment. You will be the one to look at it every day, so make sure that it is something that you will enjoy.  Also, consider not only how the treatment looks, but how it is going to function and meet your needs for the room. This means you should consider factors including privacy, light control and insulation.

What’s New At Enhance

Armstrong Alterna! This incredibly realistic tile look was designed to capture the natural beauty of tile, marble, and natural stone, while retaining warmth, absorbing sound and feeling more forgiving to your feet.

AND Alterna costs less installed than real tile. Available in lots of colors and sizes -- come in and take a look today!

How Much Does It Cost?

We recently installed one of our favorite laminates -- Mohawk RevWood Plus style Elegantly Aged color Aged Copper. If you like a medium toned floor, you will love this color. More brown than red, it works with most decors. We installed 660 square feet in a Vinings family room, two bedrooms, and hallway for $5200. This is an easy care floor that will look great for years and years!