What to Look for in 2018

Who Knows How to Hygge?
There are lots of articles out currently about Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) which is a Scandinavian word for coziness. Those folks know all about comfort and relaxation. Let's take some of our winter clues from them---stopping and spending a few minutes with a neighbor, having a cup of coffee or tea, or simply enjoying doing nothing for a few minutes.

A lot of the trends that we are seeing for 2018 seem hygge-inspired. There is a warmth, a coziness, a harking back to easier, less hectic times. Here are a few:

Green will continue to be big, but we will see more of the deeper, richer greens- emerald, olive, and avocado. Beautiful. 
Along with green, there is a resurgence of warm wood tones in wood furniture, warm and gleaming wood floors, and in an overall turn to neutral and more natural earth tones.

In keeping with that vibe, house plants are coming back, and windows are getting bigger and filling our homes with light and warmth. Plants add such a nice real-life feel to a home, as well as being helpful to the air quality in your home. Just be careful watering them, and protect those floors underneath!

Porcelain tile floors are a perfect option if you have a green thumb and love to enjoy your plants indoors. They are totally impervious to water, and stain and scratch resistant. Lots of natural wood looks are available now, some so realistic, visitors will think they are real wood! Porcelain floors are extremely low maintenance (particularly with a stain resistant grout) and completely inhospitable to bacteria. These new wood looks also compliment the natural woodsy earth tone feel of a home. Porcelain can be used indoors or outside, on floors or in a vertical treatment. If you are in the market for new flooring, and need a floor that excels in performance and durability, come in and talk to us about porcelain!

Textures are important in the new trend forecast as well. Velvet is making a comeback after being out of style for years, and we love it. So rich and soft! 

Golden metallic hues are being welcomed back in fixtures, knobs and handles, and furniture, in a glowing, brushed look. 

Coffee bar space is now trending in our homes. A special corner dedicated to the coffee maker, mugs, maybe a place for breakfast pastries, and all the coffee accoutrements. Sound cozy, huh?

Do you have a library in your home? We are told this is a "thing!" I grew up going to the library weekly and always found it a comfy welcoming peaceful place. I feel a little sorry for today's generation who are all about e-books and digital information and will never know the smell of a card catalog. Having a library in your home now is all about the look and vibe of an old-school room for a comfy warm drink and some downtime. I hope that it will include sinking into a big soft overstuffed chair with a great book in front of a fireplace. That's my idea of hygge.

How Much Does It Cost?
Unfortunately, nothing is ever the price as we thought it would be it- always costs more! This is true in my life and I am sure it is true in yours, too.  We just worked with a client that is updating her master bathroom before putting her home on the market.  The cost came in almost double what she hoped for.  The bathroom is on the smallish size, but our client is totally tearing out her shower (including the walls) and the bathroom floor.  The tear-out and disposal, new tile (approximately 200 square feet) and complete installation is around $6000 total (this includes new shoemold and transitions and some plumbing work) and the new shower glass door is $1000.  This may seem like a lot of money, but updated bathrooms really boost the value of your home.  Neutral choices appeal to almost every prospective buyer and this is one project they will not have to undertake once they move in.  Sometimes you truly have to spend a little money to make a lot more money!  The Enhance Design Consultants will advise you on making the best choices possible when resale is your main consideration.

I Was Floored By Enhance
Pat in Smyrna tells us: "Enhance Floors did a great job. They did wood floors, ceramic tile, and carpet, and it all turned out great. The employees were great-they were professional and respectful. At first, I had called another company I saw on TV. They came out, and they refused to quote me because my husband wasn't on-site. So, we went to Enhance, which was right up the road from us. I'd give them an A-I had no complaints at all. I would use them again in a heartbeat."