What Wood You Like To Know About Wood?

Hardwood floors are a very popular flooring choice and have been throughout the decades, except for the 1960's and 1970's when it was trendy to cover your wood floors up with carpet. (It is worth noting that we have to specify the 1960's and 70's, because wood floors were also the flooring of choice in the 1860's and 70's!)

Wood floors are also a smart purchase. Robert Wright, national president of the American Society of Interior Designers advises "When it comes to your money, I always would advocate wood because it's a good return on your investment and it's a product that everyone responds to. A nice hardwood floor -- that's pretty much always been a sign of quality. It invokes a good feeling in people."

According to a 2011 national survey conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), 99 percent of real estate agents say that houses with hardwood floors are easier to sell. Of those surveyed, 90 percent believe homes with hardwood floors sell for more money and 82 percent say they sell faster.

Wood Flooring 101

If you are shopping for new wood floors, one of the first things to understand is the difference between site-finished and prefinished hardwood floors. Site-finished hardwoods are installed raw (unfinished) and then sanded, stained, and coated with multiple coats of polyurethane finish in your home. You are able to select the stain color and the gloss level of the floor. Prefinished hardwood floors are fully manufactured and finished in the factory. A prefinished floor offers a quicker and more convenient installation, but you have fewer choices in stain color, etc. Both types of wood flooring (site-finished and prefinished) are available in solid and engineered wood.

Many clients ask us if prefinished floors are real hardwood floors or are engineered floors real hardwood floors. Yes, both are composed of 100% hardwood. Most engineered wood floors can be sanded at least once, except veneers. All ¾" solid prefinished wood floors can be sanded numerous times.

Now you may be wondering what is solid wood and what is engineered wood? Solid wood is exactly as it sounds: a solid piece of wood. Solid wood is usually ¾" thick. Engineered wood is thinner and is made in plies (layers) with the actual species of wood on the top layer. The bottom layers utilize other species of wood for stability. Engineered wood was developed for glue down installation, but some can be nailed down or floated. Engineered floors can be ¼", 3/8" (most common), ½", or even 9/16" thick. If the area being installed has a plywood subfloor, either type may be used. If your substrate is a cement slab, you will almost certainly choose engineered wood. Solid wood floors can only be installed on cement if special (and expensive) installation techniques and adhesives are used.

Why Is The Price Of Wood Flooring Going Up?

The major hardwood floor manufacturers have announced their third price increase of 2013 (and the year is not even half over yet!) Why? It is a simple supply and demand issue. Demand is increasing as new home builders are building again and remodeling activity is on the increase. When the demand is increasing more quickly than the supply, prices go up.

And this is not going to be an easily remedied situation. There are fewer logging operations now than five years ago, and the lumber mills have decreased from more than 700 to less than 200 over the same time period. We do not expect wood prices to go down, as we are being told by our vendors that "there is no end in sight" to the price increases, and to expect back orders and delays in getting material.
And it is not just hardwood flooring that is going up. We check the plywood prices at Home Depot weekly. Plywood has gone up over 21% in the past three months. Wow

If you are planning on investing in new wood flooring for your home, please do not keep putting it off. Now is truly the time to buy to get your best deal.   

We Wood Be Wrong

if we did not wish all the mothers reading this a very happy Mother's Day! In the words of George Washington:

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