What’s “Hot” Beside The Weather

Many homeowners are tackling home improvement projects this summer. Maybe you put off new flooring during the pandemic because you did not want workers in your home, so now it’s on the top of your To Do list. What’s trending? This may be a surprise -- carpet. 

Carpet is like a comfort food: familiar, cozy, warm. And affordable. Carpet is the flooring of choice for bedrooms and cold basements. If you love to lay on the floor with your kids, playing games or cuddling, you will appreciate the softness of carpet.  
Popular looks include patterns in “cut and loop” (also called LCL) and Berber designs. Bold patterns are often chosen for staircases, and more subtle looks for the other rooms in the home. Carpets with color flecks are popular choices, especially for active households. If you have kids and/or pets, be sure to take a look at Triexta, a fiber made by DuPont. Also known as SmartStrand, Sorona, and Silk, these styles offer built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance that does not wash or wear off and is easy to clean with just water. Many of the softest carpets available today are of Triexta fiber.
Maybe you have allergies and been told to stay away from carpet? There are some new options that might work for you. If you have a chemical allergy, you need to know exactly what chemical(s) you are allergic to. It is usually the latex that is used in carpet construction that a client is allergic to. Air. O by Mohawk has no VOCs and is latex free. The DreamWeaver PureBac contains no latex. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are made with Dupont Sorona which is OEKO-TEX® certified free from harmful substances. The SmartStrand fiber is also made in part with plant-based materials. 

A wool carpet with a woven (axminster) backing is also extremely low in VOCs, as there is no secondary backing and wool is a proven air purifier. A synthetic fiber pad or a rubber waffled pad is usually your best choice for carpet cushion when VOCs are a concern. 
If your allergy is to dust or pollen, choose a dense tightly woven carpet and vacuum often and have your carpets professionally cleaned (hot water extraction) on a regular basis. Invest in a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, which traps allergens, and use a vacuum that is equipped with a HEPA filter. 
Did You Know
Carpet is very budget friendly. Hard surface floors (LVP, hardwoods, laminates, tile) are usually at least double the cost of new carpet. And most carpet is made in the USA, a lot of it right here in Georgia, so there are no steep shipping charges to import the carpet into the country. 
Come in today and an Enhance Design Consultant will help you find the perfect new carpet for your home.
Design Tip
Thinking about updating your bedroom -- your sanctuary, your place to relax and refresh? Focus on these trending colors for paint, bedding, window treatments, rugs: dark blue, light plum, beige and brown shades. If you are going neutral, always practical!, add pops of color with decorative pillows, throws, and wall décor.
How Much Does It Cost?
Karastan's Mission Ridge is one of our best selling flecked carpets. We recently installed this carpet in a Canton home with 4 large bedrooms with closets, a hall, and staircase (1385 sq ft) for $6700. The carpet is so easy to take care of and will wear extremely well. Our client chose the color Legend. Come in and see if this beautiful carpet will work in your home.