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What will 2017 look like in home décor and furnishings? Well, it depends on who you ask- one authority says metals are out, the next says metals are making a strong comeback, and so on and so forth. So: we're going to talk about trends for 2017 that were unchallenged (as far as our research went, at least.) 

There are four rooms that are being written about. A LOT. These are1) the kitchen (no surprise here)2) the bathroom (also no surprise)3) the entryway, and4) the laundry room. 

In the kitchen, black stainless steel is the big news. And white appliances are a thing of the past. If you've shopped lately for a new refrigerator or dishwasher, you already noticed that- it's all stainless.  And black stainless is hot hot hot! It is still silver, but toned down, and very pretty. It's a dark, matte finish, muted silver, and we love it!

The other news in the kitchen is that it looks less like the mechanized, high-tech kitchen of the Jetsons and more like your Grandma's kitchen- homier, more organic, less angular, like a comfy sitting room where you happen to cook. And make coffee- coffee stations are the new "must-have" in kitchens. And along with this transition, less all white, less sheen, more colors from nature- greens and blues especially. Terracotta and cork floors are trending in a big way- natural and eco-friendly.

Bathrooms are also looking more natural, and feeling more comfortable. Vanities are being made, if not from old furniture, then to look like furniture. Wainscoting is gaining popularity in the bathroom, as are clever storage niches, tucked into the wall between studs. Vessel sinks from natural materials, stone, wood, and onyx, are beautiful and earthy. Tiles continue to be large, with minimal grout lines, and not glossy, but matte, and looking like stone or wood planks. Window seats in the bathroom are a great look, and extremely practical, providing a place to perch while you're getting dressed or applying after-shower lotion, as well as allowing for storage for extra towels and other bathroom necessities. Alternatively, we are seeing high tech toilets becoming more popular here, after many of us have seen and loved them in other parts of the world, especially Europe and Japan.

Pretty front doors are everywhere! No more plain stained Colonial with 6 raised panels, oh no! Painted bright to complement the rest of the home's exterior, the front door will now be a Statement Piece. And it will open to an enhanced entry way, again with furniture, comfort, and color.  The entryway is setting the tone for the rest of the home. And the tone it is setting is "Welcome, come in and relax."

Lastly, the laundry room, surely the most maligned room in the home. Nothing fun ever happens in the laundry room, even though the very nature and function of the room makes it indispensable to a happy home. So, if it's no fun, at least it can be pretty, and uber-functional. Sinks, pretty cabinets, dog-washing stations are a few of the added features that are going into high-end homes' laundry rooms. And pretty tile floors, planned storage and custom features, such as pull-out sweater drying racks. 

Overall, the picture of 2017's homes is a welcoming retreat in every room, an easy place to live and celebrate. More natural fibers and textures, like wool and linen, and more organic shapes. Lots of houseplants. Life will be more green- both in color and in idealism. Recycling is gaining in popularity, and repairing instead of tossing and buying new. We are all seeking homes and belongings that will comfort us, lend themselves to our health and wellness, and create less of a long-term impact on the earth.

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Kitchens and bathrooms are the most complicated and expensive rooms in your home to update.  There are so many decisions to make, and different specialized tradespeople needed to complete the work.  These updates also have some of the largest return on investment of all home improvement projects.  You want to do it right, and make selections that you will be happy with for years.  Where do you start?  How do you learn about all the factors that you need to consider when planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel?

 By attending our Kitchen and Bath Expo!  Meet with the experts and learn about:
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How Much Does It Cost?
It's funny, when we price out a kitchen remodel, our clients really don't have much "sticker shock."   We guess they know it is going to be a lot of money.  However, there is almost always a lot of surprise over how much a bathroom "gut and redo" costs.  

Every years Remodeling Magazine compiles the average costs by major city for various home improvement projects.  This is a great report to read so that you will know what to expect things to cost.  The 2016 numbers are in:

In Atlanta in 2016, a minor kitchen remodel averaged $20,612. A major kitchen remodel was $62,208. An upscale kitchen renovation averaged $123,584. These are all-inclusive prices, including new appliances, countertops, sink and faucet, flooring and paint. What is the distinction between a minor and major kitchen remodel? Primarily what is done with the cabinets. A major kitchen remodel includes new cabinets. A minor remodel does not include changing the cabinet boxes, only either refacing or painting or refinishing the existing cabinets.

The average cost in 2016 in Atlanta of a midrange bathroom remodel was $18,680. This includes all new fixtures, vanity cabinet, frameless glass shower doors, faucets, countertops, tile, and labor (plumbing, electrical, etc.) An "upscale" bathroom remodel was $60,014.  Most of our bathroom remodels are a little more costly than the midrange number once the fixtures are added in, but nowhere near as pricey as the upscale average price.

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Julie in Marietta recently reviewed us.  Here's what she wrote:"Enhance Floors did a great job. They did wood floors, ceramic tile, and carpet, and it all turned out great. The employees were great-they were professional and respectful. At first, I had called another company I saw on TV. They came out, and they refused to quote me because my husband wasn't on-site. So, we went to Enhance, which was right up the road from us. I'd give them an A-I had no complaints at all. I would use them again in a heartbeat." Thank you, Julie, for the kind words.  Enjoy all your new flooring---it's like a brand-new house, isn't it?