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Party Tips

From, here are a few tips if the party is at your house this weekend:

Just Invite People Over

Your house might not be perfect. You might not have enough chairs for everyone. Your bathroom might be ugly or boring or involve a toilet that has to have the handle jiggled juuuuust so to work. I guarantee you that 99% of people enjoy being invited to something with people they like and don’t care about what your house looks like or if they have to sit in a kitchen chair or on the floor (and if they do care, well, who wants to invite them over anyway?).

Use Paper Products

The environmentalist in me cringes, and Pinterest users everywhere probably are gasping in horror, but when the entire party is cleaned up five minutes after the last guest leaves? I feel happy that we decided to host a party. Plus, there are so many pretty paper products available. 

Focus on the Big Impact Items

No one is looking at your baseboards. I prioritize vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom, because those are the most noticeable, and then I don’t worry about the rest of the cleaning much at all when we host a party. I do one or two great food items, and then fill in with low-key items (water, chips and dip, fruit, etc.) You’ll never have the time or money or energy to do every single thing, so don’t waste it on the things no one notices.

A Few Small Details Make a Big Difference

when you’re hosting a party at home. Some cute paper straws, a bouquet of flowers, or some balloons go a long way and are all inexpensive (hello, clearance floral at Kroger), plus it looks like you went to some effort to be a good party host.

Let Other People Help

when you host a party. If people offer to bring a side dish or to arrive with a large stack of paper plates, take them up on it. You might feel like you’re failing How to be a Good Party Host 101 but when it’s three minutes until arrival, you’ll be glad to have time to vacuum rather than frantically chopping tomatoes for a salad. And people like to feel useful.

Put the Food Where You Want People to Be

If you put the food in the kitchen, EVERYONE WILL BE IN THE KITCHEN. My Grannie, who is the world’s best hostess, always puts the appetizers in the living room so people will gather there when she’s hosting a party at home. And I think she’s brilliant.

Once People Arrive, Just Enjoy the Party

In my book, this is the cardinal rule for how to be a good party host. Don’t apologize about the lack of decorations or mention that you MEANT to have three desserts, but only had time for two, or point out that your floor could have used a sweeping or five. No one wants to feel like the party or dinner or event is stressing you out. Make people feel like you’re glad to have them there.

Wonderful World Of Window Treatments

It is that time of year again (hot!) and we are all looking for ways to lower our utility bills.

How Do Window Treatments Improve Energy Efficiency?

Window treatments help with a home’s energy efficiency by providing insulation, controlling solar heat gain, and by using natural light to reduce the use of electric light (called daylighting), which saves energy. Here’s a look at each—and how they help create your comfort zone. 

During the day, close your window treatments to prevent the sun’s harsh rays from heating up a room, keeping it cooler (so your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard).

At night, keep your window treatments closed to keep the cool air in.

Using Daylighting

Natural light illuminating a room can make it more inviting, and may even boost your mood at the same time. You can maximize natural light with window treatments that draw it into a room, reducing the need for electric light, which reduces energy use.

Reducing your energy use also helps create a more sustainable environment.

Duette Honeycomb Shades are designed to provide superior insulation at the window, helping to lower your monthly utility bills.

Did You Know

The federal government is now offering energy tax credits on select energy-efficient Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades—letting you earn 30% of the purchase price* back in the form of a tax credit, up to a maximum annual amount of $1,200